I'm Goddess Posh your potent cocktail of devilish charm, stunning beauty & wicked manipulation and I will  turn you into an addicted financial slave, completely dependent on ME and eventually broke. There is nothing you can do but give in and it feels oh so good! 


With my videos you have no need to think. I've applied my brainwash technique, The Venus Sway, to all of my files. Sometimes it's obvious, other times it's not.. and that's when your mind is most vulnerable to my influence. You love not having to think, all you have to do is relax and obey your superior Money Domme.


Aren't you so lucky you get to spend your slave wages on Me. Emptying your wallet on my carefully crafted files is such a treat for you! Each of my files is a masterpiece of mindfuck, leaving you hooked and wanting more.


You will cave in. You will obsess.